Torre del Veguer

Penedès Wines

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The estate consists of 15 hectares of vineyards plus olive and fruit trees. We planted the following grape varieties: Muscat de Frontignan or Grano Menudo, and Xarel.lo Xarel.lo Vermell, Malvasia de Sitges, Grenache, Petit Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Vinya Xarel.lo of Pou is the oldest we have, vines training vessel built in 1975. All others are trellised, Muscat is the oldest of 1986, 2 plots of Cabernet Sauvignon are the 1990 and the Petite Syrah 1993. the newest are those of Sitges Malvasia and Garnacha that were planted in 2013.
Our farm is very productive, in 2015 we obtained yields of 5.000kg / ha for Cabernet Sauvignon, 6.500kg / Ha for Petit Syrah, 5.500kg / Ha for Xarel.lo and 8.000kg / Ha for Muscat. It is therefore advisable to follow a rotation plan for the proper payment of the vineyard. We are committed to quality so we made 2 egg yolks short prunings and we are certified as organic producers, with all the extra effort involved.
Do not buy grapes from other growers and the entire vineyard is located around the winery to no more than 500m., This feature conceptually comoVi estate or Vino de Pago known. Consequently and vintage, the grapes time passing from the time it is cut until it enters bodega can be minutes or up to 1 hour. This is a great advantage over other producers as discarded grape deterioration and possible spontaneous fermentations due to long transport times. Besides grape care is guaranteed because all it is picked by hand and in boxes. This allows us to draw a harvest strategy according to the health status of the vineyard and greater care of the grapes through the use of boxes to the detriment of the trailer. Finally we select the grapes in the winery before it enters into the hopper of the stemmer.