Penedès Wines

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Suriol family are farmers who live in the house Grabuac Castle and through the work of the land, winemaking and marketing around the world we sense a growing farm-old who wants to become a reflecting the Penedès traditional .
Suriol wants to be a leading brand globally Penedes authentic, constituting a bastion of traditional knowledge and practices of farmers Mediterranean.
Ensure in our environment and in our work values that allow us to offer a more natural and healthy product possible to feed the body and the spirit. For this reason we can not forget the following main areas:
The sustainability because today we do not compromise the future we will.
The Biodiversity , as far as possible to enable it to preserve an ecological balance.
The Tradition , because you need to transfer knowledge and values to enable the future.
The knowledge , training and experience for many years give us security in what we do.
The Social Responsibility , because everything is interaction is also to receive and receive a lot.
The quality working life so fully expressed in our wines.