Alella Wines

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This winery is attached to the Guarantee of Origin of Alella, Cava and Catalonia. It makes high quality wines, mainly from European noble vines that have been perfectly acclimatized to local conditions.
During the early 1980s, in the beautiful valley “Vall de Rials”, Roura conceived a project to continue a task that was begun more than 3000 years ago by Phoenicians and that reached its peak with the Roman Empire.
There is historical evidence that Alella wine was exported to Rome from year 140 B.C. until year 250 A.D. It was highly appreciated by Roman nobility. Roura, convinced about the possibilities of the area, with its traditional vines and some new ones that had been recently introduced, embarked on the project of making high quality wines.
The winery started its commercial career in 1990, by launching in the market a white wine from 1989, a red Crianza wine from 1987 and a Cava Brut Nature.