Priorat Region


Priorat is one of the two regions in Spain carrying the highest wine certification of the country and the only one in Catalonia, Denominació d’Origen Qualificada (DOQ).

The Denominació d’Origen Qualificada Priorat is a small mountainous region located in the heart of the province of Tarragona, a paradise of vineyards in the middle of the mountains, where the first recorded evidence of grape growing and winemaking dates back to the 12th century.

Its soils are stony and sandy, not very fertile, poor in organic matter and with a low cation exchange capacity, since the abundance of thick elements, slate stones or pebbles dilute the total proportion of the nutritive elements of the colloidal complex with respect to the volume of the soil.

It tends to have a temperate Mediterranean climate, where during dry years alternate dry and rainy years, however, rainfall is irregular throughout the year, concentrating mostly during autumn.

Priorat has an area of 17.629 hectares, of which 1.887 are planted with vines and cultivated by more than 600 growers. Nine of the 23 municipalities of the Priorat region administratively form a part of the Priorat region It primarily produces powerful red wines, which came to international attention in the 1990s. The area is characterised by its unique terroir of black slate and quartz soil known as llicorella.

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