Pla de Bages Region

Pla de Bages

Located in the Barcelona province of Catalonia, Pla de Bages is a privileged wine, although one of the smallest and newest (as a protected Denominacion de Origin) in Spain.
Famous for its black skinned grapes such as Picapoll negro, Sumoll y Mandó, the vineyards are mainly located in the valleys of the River Llobregat and the famous Montserrat mountain, one of the main Catalan symbols.

Due to its soils located in between 200 and 500 m above sea levels and its ideal conditions in between hills and with low rainfall and high temperature oscillation the wines produced in Pla de Bages are usually infused by aromatic plants that populate the pine, oak and holm oak forests surrounding the vineyards.

Being so close to Barcelona, having Montserrat just a step away, Pla de Bages is a very interesting wine region, full of ecotourism options, experiences and amazing wines.

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