Emporda Region


Empordà is a wine region of Spain located in the northeast of Catalonia, in the province of Girona, close to the border of France, extending from the town of Figueres to the French wine-making regions of Banyuls and Côtes du Roussillon and southwards, extending through Baix Empordà near the Mediterranean Sea.

The majority of the wine produced in Empordá is red at 60%, followed by white at 19%, and rosé at 17%. The remaining 4% is released as traditional wines including dessert versions of Grenache and Moscatell and some Cava.

Crossed by the rivers Muga, Llobregat and Manol which flow eastwards to the sea, the soils of Empordà are generally dark, with a certain lime content, loose, good drainage and poor in organic matter. There is some granite content near the coast as well as up in the mountainous regions near the French border.

The climate is Mediterranean, with influences from the moisture bearing winds from the south and cold winds from the north and they are quite crucial to the winemaking process as it greatly reduces the occurrence of mildew as well as pests, thus making organic farming an easier endeavor.

The average annual temperature is 16 °C (max 29 °C, min 1.5 °C) and there is abundant rainfall over the course of the year, between 600 and 700 mm/yr, falling mainly in winter and spring.

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