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Alella is a Denominación de Origen (Designation of Origin) for wines produced in the Barcelona Province in the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, it is one of the smallest DOs in Spain and the closest vineyards from Barcelona city centre in the region of Maresme.

Its topsoil, named sauló in Catalan is one of the distinctive features and is basically a very porous white granite-based sand that retains heat very well helping the grapes to ripen, while the low water retention properties are compensated by the local humid microclimate.

The vineyards lay on the foothills, overlooking the sea, influenced by the sun and the Mediterranean breezes. The hills protect the vines from the cold winds and condense the humidity caused by the sea. The wines from this area are smooth with low acidity levels.
On the Vallès side, the interior slopes facing inland, the vineyard present a more continental climate.

Although the temperatures can reach -3°C during winter, the summer is very hot with temperatures reaching 35°C and only 600mm of rain per year.

Alella is one of the most beautiful regions of Catalonia for its landscapes mixing the beautiful mountains hills and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

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